How German journalists deal with critique

The Erich Brost Institute for international journalism, TU Dortmund University, presents the results of a representative survey on Thursday, April 18, 2013, 11 - 12.30 am in the Evangelische Journalistenschule Berlin, Jebensstr. 3, 10623 Berlin (S-Bahn Bhf. Zoo). The presentation is followed by a discussion with Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Lutz Tillmanns, Stefan Niggemeier, Anton Sahlender and Dr. Thomas Schiller (Chair).

How do TV, newspaper and online journalists in Germany deal with critique? How well does our system of media accountability work compared to other European countries? And do we need stricter sanctions if journalists do not follow professional rules? The Leveson Report in Great Britain and the recommendations of the EU High-Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism have provoked a debate about the future of media accountability.

Erich Brost Institute for international journalism at TU Dortmund University researched representatively the attitudes of journalists towards media criticism and media self-control in 12 European countries in the context of the study Media Accountability and Transparency in Europe (MediaAcT).

On april 18, 2013, Prof. Dr. Susanne Fengler, director of Erich Brost Institute and of the MediaAcT study, will present the results for Germany in public for the first time.

The presentation is followed by a discussion with:

- Former Federal Minister of Justice Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Vice-Chairman of the EU High-Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism

- Lutz Tillmanns, director of the German Press Council

- Stefan Niggemeier, media journalist and media blogger, DER SPIEGEL

- Anton Sahlender, spokesman of the German Organization of News Ombudsmen

Chair: Dr. Thomas Schiller, chief editor of Evangelischer Pressedienst epd

Everyone interested is welcome to the presentation and discussion. Afterwards, more information concerning the presented results is available on this website. A first summary of the UK results was published in Press Gazette earlier this year.

Text: Susanne Fengler; Photo: Lutz Kampert

MediaAct News – April 16, 2013


About MediaAcT

MediaAcT is a comparative research project on media accountability systems in EU member states as indicators for media pluralism in Europe.


Funded by the EC

Project funded under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanties


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